The College for Students Who 学习不同的

Dyslexia | 注意力缺陷多动症 | Autism | 执行功能 Challenges

1 in 2
Half of our students transfer to LC in 搜索 of a better college experience
Students from 38 states and 10 countries worldwide
of bachelor's degree graduates are employed or in graduate school

Empowering Students, Transforming Education

Landmark College is a community designed exclusively for students who learn differently, including students with a learning disability (such as dyslexia), 注意力缺陷多动症, 自闭症, or executive function challenges. We champion a strengths-based model for education, giving students the skills and strategies they need to succeed in life.

Our campus in Putney, Vermont, offers:

  • A beautiful, quiet setting ideal for building our focused community
  • An intimate environment within a vast region known for supporting education innovation
  • Access to and from the world through nearby transportation hubs
  • Peace of mind of an inclusive campus within a small town
"I was in a smaller setting so I was able to focus. After a while I was getting better grades than most of my friends who were in those big classes."
Isaac Alam, Landmark College, B.A. 通识教育
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10 Ways We Differ from other


Bringing LD 研究 Into the Classroom

The Landmark College Institute for 研究 and 培训 (LCIRT) conducts groundbreaking re搜索 on learning disabilities (like dyslexia), 注意力缺陷多动症, 和自闭症, and shares that knowledge with educators around the world through webinars, 研讨会, 专业培训, 还有在线课程.

Fully integrated within our campus, LCIRT leverages the expertise of Landmark College’s faculty and staff and promotes the academic success of our student community in and out of the classroom.


Professional LD Learning for Educators

在线研讨会, online courses, on-site and online 研讨会, Summer Institute, and more.


"When I say I’m neurodivergent, there is no stigma. Often people ask what that means, and I explain — showing the disability and exceptionality that make us who we are."
John Elder Robison, visiting lecturer and advisor to Landmark College’s Center for Neurodiversity

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